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Would you like to explore incredible and beautiful sights of Montenegro coast from the very top of its mountains?
 It will be really amazing to visit ancient Austrian fortresses, haunted cities and villages, and plunge into the atmosphere of great Austrian  Empire!
Why not to win 1200 meters altitude above sea level and enjoy the amazing views of the magical mountain peaks of Montenegro?
You will really enjoy evening campfire in the mountains preparing your supper!
You will be amazed by the wild forests and ancient mountain trails that were made more than 100 years ago.
And of course there is nothing more delicious than unique taste of Mediterranean cuisine combined from fresh seafood! And what about to feel and understand the real life of mountain people and their national traditions?

Interesting? Just join us!

Summer outdoor program of the tent camp Combat for 14 days (watch us on youtube)

The program of our camp will be very interesting because it was specially created for young mountain explorers. You will really enjoy our mountain tent camp!  We offer mountain hiking and backpacking, play and exploration, overnights, training of wilderness survival skills, terrain orientation, we will teach you how to camouflage yourself and of course you will become a skilled cook in outdoor conditions.

Aldushin Roman invites all the children to take part in the summer children's camp in the mountains, which will be organized in summer in Montenegro.
Children will learn a lot of new, they will learn terrain orientation in the woods and find out what kind of clothes they must wear during hiking.